Aleister at birth
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I will be 3 months old tomorrow. Boy how I grow. I am already thirteen pounds. Aurra took almost 9 months to get as big as I am. She is a good big sister, she feeds me pizza and tuna salad. I don't eat it, but I am sure it is good. I am still nursing, no teeth yet, but I gummed the heck out of mommy last night. I am slowly starting to sleep through the night. Daddy sleeps through my crying. He says "well I can't feed him anyways" and rolls back over when I do wake him. We have lots of new pictures that daddy needs to go through and get up on the web page.


Mara stayed home to help Anjie take care of me today. We had lots of fun. I ate and slepted and pooped and they watched movies and snuggled on the couch.

4-09-06 2:24pm EST

I got home from the hospital today. The was very crowded with all my new stuff and all my sisters. The kitty smelled me, but she doesn't bug me. It is so big here, I'm sure I'll get used to all the new sounds soon.

4-08-06 8:47am EST

Daddy just came to see me again in the hospital. He brought my sisters with him. Mara was very excited to see me again, I met her last night. Aurra, well she was not sure what to do. First thing she did was take my hat off and then shove me away. She holds me then get bored because I just am a baby. I don't say tickle me or squeeze me, but I do cry.

I'm tired, night night don't let Cthulhu bite.

4-07-06 6:25pm EST

I was born today. Everyone was very happy. I have all my fingers, all my toes and my Daddy's chin. I am 7lbs 11.5oz, 20 3/4" long. It took Mommy 15 minutes to push me out. 7 whole pushes!

Daddy will put up more pictures soon.
Love Aleister

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